Automatic Openers

The B&D Control-A-Door range of automatic openers has a model to suit most residential applications.

B&D’s Tri-Tran Multi Frequency Technology means your opener will never have interference from household wireless products including baby monitors, door bells and some in home entertainment systems.


Sectional Door Openers


  • B&D Smart Pro Automatic Opener is B&D’s toughest, smartest opener yet! With first-rate safety, security, power and intelligence, this opener comes fully equipped with Auto-Lock, Smart Phone Control, Camera, Battery Backup, Wireless Safety Beams and is tested to withstand 30,000 cycles.
  • B&D Smart Automatic Opener – B&D’s Smart opener provides you with smart alerts and notification via your smart phone so you can rest easy knowing you can monitor and operate you garage door from anywhere. It also features a bright LED courtesy light and a heavy duty motor making it incredibly reliable.
  • B&D Secure Automatic Opener – Offering all of the essential features like smooth and reliable operation, super-fast opening speed, soft start and stop and a bright LED courtesy light, the Secure Automatic opener is exceptional value.


Roller Door Openers


  • Control-A-Door PowerDrive – Power Drive allows you to effortlessly operate majority of residential rolling doors. With a powerful yet quiet 600N Motor, long-lasting LED automatic courtesy lights and a soft start and stop feature it’s a great choice.
  • Control-A-Door Roll-A-Pro – Roll-A-Pro delivers affordable and secure garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that you’ve come to expect from B&D.

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