Residential Garage Doors


  • The B&D Panelift garage door will ensure you can continue to enjoy your home and lifestyle with added features that improve door safety, home security, reduce maintenance requirements and give smooth quiet operation.
  • When you choose a B&D Panelift you are getting Australia’s premium steel sectional garage door.
  • With a choice of five door designs, extensive range of colours and window options, the Panelift comes in enough choices to ensure you’ll find one that suits the style of your home perfectly.
  • Safety is the key in the Panelift door’s design. The only Pinch free doors in Australia the Panelift features a unique patented panel edge shape and hinge design preventing finger entrapment both on the inside and outside of the door.
  • The Panelift has also been designed to ensure it operates smoothly and quietly with features such as nylon wheel with ball bearings for smoother running and factory fitted polypropylene internal hinging system including glass reinforced polypropylene track curve for smooth and quiet operation.
panelift garage doors

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  • The B&D Roll-A-Door is an Australian Icon. Australia’s most popular garage door includes the top of the line in design and styling.
  • B&D invented the Roll-A-Door in 1956. The B&D name was etched into Australian history and the Roll-A-Door was recognised as an Australian icon in 2004.
  • B&D tailor make your garage door to suit your garage opening perfectly. Each door features a stylishly designed centre lift lock, which not only looks good but makes locking and unlocking easier. There is also a vast range of colours to choose from to enhance the look of your home.
  • B&D has three designs to choose from – The Squareline Deluxe for single size doors, the Squareline Wideline for homes that need a single and double garage door and the Traditional Wideline featuring a deeper rounded curtain shape.
  • All doors are suitable for automatic operation.
roll a door

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